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When the clear blue sky showers love and affection, when the birds fill the surroundings with their chirps, when the twinkling eyes and the laughter tintinnabulations become a day long affair; it is the time of union of two souls. we call it “The Wedding”.

We at Movie’ing Moments, capture the essence of a wedding by redacting the moments through films and stills. We believe that every wedding has a story behind it and we record and release it. We present the story in the visually most beautiful way. With a belief that marriage is a sacred union of two loving souls and hence, we make sure to keep the essence of the ceremonies alive.

Our films and stills reel out moments where the bride donning her pretty lehenga takes pheras with the dapper groom, where the cupid showers it’s love and jubilates the triumph of love, where the bridesmaids demand a handsome sum of money from their brother- in- law, where the in- laws gel up like old friends, where the friends of the bride and groom try desperately to document their own love story amidst the hullabaloo of the wedding.

We love weddings and make you fall in love every time you unfold the wedding memories captured  by Movie’ing Moments.



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Relive your Big day with Movie'ing Moments

Movie’ing Moments in Mumbai is all about putting cuffs on all the precious moments of the wedding and make them immortal.

We hold an expertise in wedding photography and videography, pre- wedding photography as well as candid photography and cinematography.

Based in Mumbai (but we travel across), we are a team of dedicated wedding photographers and cinematographers who go extra- miles in capturing the beautiful wedding moments in the most surreal and enchanting manner.

The pre wedding photographers make it a point to push the envelope and lend individualism to every project. Ditching all the old and boring ways, we inject something really interesting and new to every shoot.

We also excel in candid photography. We capture all the hullaballoo going around in the wedding house and all the ceremonies, and unfold them in a beautiful manner. We know how to capture the essence of every moment.

We are storytellers. We don’t just capture shots, we capture stories. Every single shot taken by us has a story to tell.

Movie’ing moments is a time machine that takes you back in time every time you watch the wedding photographs. We always serve the best on your platter.